Shireen - the Quiet Lion

I wanna' hear you roar!

That's what Ashley said to me that day in Costa Rica. And that's what I'm saying to you now.

If you love your work, but sometimes you wonder, is it enough...

If you're dying to fully show up, but you wonder if people will think less of you...

If you're wondering how can you stand out, when so many people are doing something similar...

The secret is in the thing that gets your heart racing.

Bring that energy into your business and it comes alive. You feel it and others feel it. 

People buy into the meaning behind the product. So give it meaning and it'll change everything.

You feel so alive.

It was during a brainstorming session with a colleague that I realized it. I was getting all fired up talking about the lies in the cosmetic industry. That's when I realized it wasn't so much my new natural deodorant (called Stinky Bitch) I was excited about, it was my conviction behind it. It was my reason for doing it. The thing that made me wanna' roar : )

You feel purposeful.

Uncage The Lion Within gets you clear on what drives you. It includes questions you've never seen before (even if you've done a ton of self-discovery courses). At least one of the questions will spark new angles and fresh potential.

Products don't build community. Shared beliefs do. When you show your conviction, like-minded people understood and validated by you. They feel connected to you. And they want more.

If you're ready to feel driven and on fire... if you need clarity, direction, unwavering focus, it's time to uncage the lion within you...

About the course

1. What's the format?

It's a colourful PDF. It has 10 parts, each with 3 easy - but totally enlightening - questions.

It's self-paced, thoughtful, and leads you to clarity and a conviction that'll fire you up like no cookie-cutter branding exercise can.

2. How long will it take to complete this course?

A few hours. A day. A week. It's up to you. The full course is yours today. But don’t rush it. Sometimes the best answer comes when we let the question sit for a while.

3. What if I get stuck?

Let it go and move on. You can come back to it later, or just skip it if it doesn’t resonate with you.

4. What if after I’m finished, I’m still unsure?

I'm positive you'll get at least one insight that totally shifts your perspective. But if you need more help, you can book a private session with me. We’ll get to the bottom of this together. : )

Uncage the Lion Within was incredibly insightful. The questions were powerful and really helped me get crystal clear about my “why” so I can get behind it in my life and business. I’m so excited to put my excitement and energy behind what I learned about myself from this program and take my business to the next level.
— Amy Andrews, Sacramento, California

It's easy. It's free. It changes everything. Just click the button below and in just a few minutes, Uncage the Lion Within will arrive in your inbox.


Because you came here for one reason.

To fiercely be yourself.

Uncage your lion within
Oh my god this was exactly what I needed! It’s brought an excitement to my work that people can feel... My enthusiasm is so contagious I started getting new projects right away. I’m SO thankful Shireen!
— Jen, Melbourne Australia

*Above photos courtesy of Heidi Hapanowicz